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Cookies Policy

What is a cookie?

A cookie is an IT file that a web server may leave in the device (computer, cellphone, etc.) with which the user connects to identify his characteristics and/or preferences for reconnection and/or facilitate website use and browsing, giving him diverse advantages in the course of interactive services. Cookies are used to handle users’ sessions, among other purposes (for instance, reducing the number of times the have to give their passwords) or to adapt the contents of a website to their preferences (for instance, language). Cookies may be session cookies that are erased once the user leaves the website that created them, or persistent cookies that remain in the device up to a certain date.

What kind of cookies does this website use?

This website uses different kinds of cookies for the purposes explained below:

Analytical cookies: enable monitoring and analysis of website user behaviour. The data gathered by this type of cookies is applied to the measurement of website activity, to introduce improvements based on the analysis of the data of use made by users (for instance, Google Analytics). These are persistent cookies.

Cookies used on this website

This is the list of cookies used on this website:

Browsing cookies Duration Type Purpose
__utma 2 years From Third Parties (Google, Inc.: Google Analytics) Carry out a statistical analysis of website use (number of user visits, first and last visit, user origin, terms searched, etc.)
__utmb ½ hour
__utmc Session
__utmt 10 minutes
__utmv 2 years
__utmz 6 months
How can cookies be deactivated or deleted?

If s/he wants to, the user may deactivate and/or delete the cookies. By way of additional user information, here is where you can find the configuration for dealing with cookies in the leading browsers:

Internet Explorer: Tools Internet options Privacy Advanced.

Firefox: Preferences Privacy.

Google Chrome: Configuration: Advanced options Privacy Cookies.

Safari: Preferences Privacy.